onsdag 21 september 2011

Free Download: Supersci - Timelines Remixes

Exactly one year after Supersci's well-recieved second album Timelines we give you six new remixes of the title track, created by Supersci / Flyphonic's Erik L (also well known from his group Favorite Flava) and Arka as well as Stray (also of Favorite Flava), Broken Campsite, Bezou and Simon O. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE

1. Arka & Simon O Surf-O-Rama Remix
2. Erik L Remix
3. Broken Campsite Remix
4. Stray Remix
5. Arka & Bezou's Juketard Remix
6. Bezou Tripstep Remix
7. Erik L Original Album Mix

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