torsdag 30 december 2010

Supersci - Forests and Factories (video)

Check out this new Supersci video. Im in it layin down an electric piano solo that comes in around 03:30. Also take a look at the Supersci web page.

"Today we present the video for the song 'Forests and Factories', previously released last winter on the 'What It Is EP'. The video is directed by Måns Berthas, who also made the classic video for 'Get!'.

The melancholy jazzy track is produced by Arka, and the outro is produced by Bessem Bedziri. Lyrics by Arka and Mr Noun. Erik L lays a sweet solo on the electric piano. Enjoy!"

lördag 11 december 2010

Erik L & Illingsworth - 'Northern Connection' finally available on CD (INCLUDING 4 BONUS TRACKS)

Almost a year after the digital release, 'Northern Connection', the collaboration album by producers Erik L & Illingsworth (Detroit) is now out on exclusive digipak CD. The album is released on Swedish independent label Still Siblings Entertainment. It features artists from US and Sweden, such as Sene (Blu etc.), DJ Devastate (BBE), Numb and 7even:Thirty. Mr Noun and Mr Arka of Supersci spit on the track Reach, and Mr Noun also has a verse on the track Would You Belive with soul singers Stray and Hanna. Order the CD HERE!

Psaul REMIX CONTEST (Paul Mac Innes / Stray)

Psaul REMIX CONTEST - Win a fantastic prize! A Sontronics STC-2X Mic with pop shield, a digital release + a Promotion Campaign by Ahead PR. You have until 19th January 2011 to submit the remix. (Remix a Psaul track, Paul Mac Innes) More info HERE