måndag 19 oktober 2009

Beat Dimensions Vol. 2 plus more

A little update. I got this 12" plus the CD album in the mail today, a massive release compiled by Cinnaman and Jay Scarlett. Out now as 3*12" / 7" / CD / Digital on Rush Hour Records. Im happy to be part of this compilation of futuristic beat music. "Twenty exclusive beats from forward thinking producers the world over." My contribution is called "Soularp Suite Part 2" (Part 1 of the suite will be on my upcoming solo album). Get this in your nearest record store or download it on iTunes.

Also check out new album Magr - No News is good news, (Al Mighty and DistantStarr). The album features guest performances by Blu and Cymarshall Law. One track produced by Erik L.

Swedish DJ Devastate has a new single out called "Some Nights". This is out now on BBE and they will also release his album soon. On the bonus track "More Moves" you can hear me playing electric bass, rhodes piano and organ. Get it on iTunes.

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