tisdag 29 september 2009

Interview for the new Beat Dimensions vol 2.

Taken from: http://www.beatdimensions.net/

1. When/how did you 1st find out about BD?
I first heard about it on a site where you could download snippets from the album and I thought it was really interesting music!

2. What got you into production
I became interested in trying to make beats when meeting producer/mc Arka from Supersci in -97. Late -98 I made my first beat and after that I was hooked. Except for like one or two years when I almost stopped..

3. What has been your inspiration/bands you listened to in your come up?
Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Wheather Report, Pete Rock, Dj Spinna, Digable Planets, A tribe called quest, Jay Dee, Stevie Wonder, Bilal, Herbie Hancock, Stravinsky, Jaco Pastorius etc.

4. Fill in the blank “_________ changed my life” (what changed yours?) Artist? Song? Something else?
Jay Dilla

5. Up tempo or low tempo?
I love both

6. What’s the 1st thing you did when you got the email that you were picked for BD2?
Actually I don’t remember. I probably told a few people about the good news.

7. There seems to be much more interest in this beat scene with every passing day. How big can/will it get?
It will probably grow and grow since people will not satisfy with regular stuff..

8. Hardware or software? What do you use?
A combination of both. Hardware: synthesizers, reverbs, fx’s etc. Software for recording/editing.

9. How is the beat scene where you’re from?
There are a few people in Sweden doing it with feeling but the scene for this more “creative” type of beats is pretty small.

10. Aside from being selected for BD2, what has been a crowing achievement musically?
Production and keyboard work for the Favorite Flava album.

11. Where’s the future taking you?
I have alot of stuff coming out probably pretty soon. My instrumental album is close to ready plus a few other albums and EP’s.


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