fredag 5 juni 2009


Favorite Flava consists of me and Stray. Future music from the soul with a touch of the Nordic melancholy. So far we had alot of radio plays by people like Gilles Peterson, Ennio Styles, Simon Harrison and some great feedback, check below:

Hearing it all the time while workin'.. These guys are so fucking future soul!! "So cruel" is the shit! I want more of that!!
Dj Explizit

Thx for this beautiful and dreamy littly nugget.
Diggin' the broken and stylistic feel, and love the emotional deepness.
Surely dropping some of this on friday/saterday - keep on !
Sirdancelot (Freestyle Fusion 105.3 Belgium)

"DAAAAAAAAAMN DIS IS MASSSSSSSSSIVE !!!!!! DOPE ass album guyz, seriously feeeeeeeelin' da vibe, futuristic soul @ its beeeeeest (reminiscin of SA-RA) , shhhh gonna get rinse everywheeeeeeeeere, THANK U
Full support/chartin'/club & radio playin'

"Favourite flava is smoking, these dudes are bringing some heat! I'm diggin "Stray Witchu" and "Love"
Nick Holder

"That sounds great !!!
I will definately feature in my soulsearching shows!"
Michael Ruetten (Soulsearchin')

"This is Fresh!!!! Loving tracks 1 and 2, deep and dope, like a Scandic Sa-ra, but not trying to copy them too much. Lovely synths and great production, wicked spring vibes! 8/10"

Favourite Flava’s new album Different Phase, is an album which represents all my favourite flavours in music. Edginess, cutting beats, vibrating bass and melodic vigour. Stray's writing capabilites and vocals sit hauntingly well on each track. Daring, provocative and trend setting Favourite Flava has made it on my favourite list of musical duos along with Foreign Exhange and J*davey . ‘Stray Witchu’ is fire!
Miss Diane Laidlaw

"Dope mix of glitchy downtempo beats and soulful vocals. some tracks work for me better than others, but production is pretty solid and the tracks knock. kinda reminds me of sa-ra at times... favs are "waitin" and "everyday escape" -
will definitely support..."
Erik Schneider (Giant Step)

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