onsdag 18 februari 2009

Frank n Dank & Erik L

That's right, this famous Detroit rap duo needs no further introduction. Check out the new Frank n Dank interview on rawroots.com, talking about what's up with the music, including the upcoming Frank n Dank & Erik L project. All I can say about this is that it will be crazy! :) One track is featured on the Northern Connection album coming real soon on Melting Pot Music. This is the label that recently released the Cerebral Vortex & Erik L EP. Info on how to get the vinyl and support our music making, here. Also check out the Frank n Dank myspace site. More info on this freshness to come..

fredag 6 februari 2009

DJ Devastate free Download!

This Swedish producer/DJ who is releasing an album called "Movement/Silence" 2009 on BBE, yup that's right!! Soundwise its organic and raw. Hip hop with tonnes of jazz and soul and on top of that a generous amount of live instrumentation, sound examples on his myspace site. The album is mastered by Erik L & Arka for Flyphonic mastering, making shure it's bangin the right way(loud and clear). Download Devastate's new funk/fusion mix, Movement mix Chapter 1, The Bar. This first one takes you back to the 1970's. Do you like funky rhythms? I sure do and have been listening to this kind of music since a kid. Download this here!

DJ Devastate is also a member of the production team Elite Fleet Crew. This crew has worked with prominent rappers such as: Masta Ace, Prince Po, Stricklin, Medaphoar, Wildchild, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Maylay Sparks, Ed O.G., Akrobatik, Joe Scudda, Last Emperor and the list goes on..

Last but not least, DJ Devastate is featured behind the turntables laying down some crazy cuts on one track on the upcoming producer album from Erik L & Illingsworth, called "Northern Connection". This piece of vinyl is set to be released real soon.

Here to Stray!

Stray is a really musical dude from Gothenburg, Sweden. He's a producer, singer, drummer and plays a little on a few other instruments. Support real music and buy he's CD from 2007 called "Here to Stray". That's what I did when I first heard the music on his myspace site, maybe one and a half years ago and I really liked his original style, not trying hard to sound like something from the states. Beautiful harmonies similar to some of the stuff i'm doing musically, I think we both have a Nordic, melancholic kind of flavor to our stuff. So we decided to do something together, and we formed the group Favorite Flava. The album is finally coming together and I can say that musically we have something unique! Check out Stray's myspace and the Favorite Flava myspace. Oh yeah, you can also buy his music on iTunes plus he has a couple of vinyl releases out and is featured on my Loose Control EP and also on the new Cerebral Vortex & Erik L EP!

"hey stray, the material you and Erik L are composing is just outstanding. wish you all the best, pce & greetz" jay scarlett (Spacek Soundsystem/ Ampsoul Generation/ Beat Dimensions)