fredag 7 november 2008

Erik L & Illingsworth producer album

The work with the album is 98 % ready. Im telling you about the new Erik L & Illingsworth producer album. Im producing half of the tracks and Illingsworth the other half. Soundvalley, Sweden to Detroit, U.S. This is more than 1 hour of music with guest appearances by: Supersci, Kissey Asplund, Paradox, Detroit CYDI, Stryfe, Das, Noun, Stray, Hanna, 7even:thirty, DJ Devastate.

Listen to 2 previews on my myspace: and 1 track on Illingsworth's myspace (a taste of the future). Hit him up if you're looking for beats, you won't be disappointed. More info on this soon. Im excited about this one..

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Steven Falls sa...

Yo, whas good bruh. I see you fucks wit my homies illingsworth and stryfe. Tell em Thrash at Ignorance Inc said what up. Nice beat too bruh. Fucks wit me at