fredag 7 november 2008

Erik L & Illingsworth producer album

The work with the album is 98 % ready. Im telling you about the new Erik L & Illingsworth producer album. Im producing half of the tracks and Illingsworth the other half. Soundvalley, Sweden to Detroit, U.S. This is more than 1 hour of music with guest appearances by: Supersci, Kissey Asplund, Paradox, Detroit CYDI, Stryfe, Das, Noun, Stray, Hanna, 7even:thirty, DJ Devastate.

Listen to 2 previews on my myspace: and 1 track on Illingsworth's myspace (a taste of the future). Hit him up if you're looking for beats, you won't be disappointed. More info on this soon. Im excited about this one..

måndag 3 november 2008

Stryfe & Jihazed - Detroit Rap City

Check out my man Stryfe Dafantam. This talented, up and coming Detroit rapper has a new album out for free download, its produced by Jihazed from France. Stryfe is also working closely with the group Detroit CYDI and the producer/MC Illingsworth. I have some tracks in the making with both Detroit CYDI and Stryfe that will be bangin out of you speakers pretty soon. Stryfe is also featured on the Erik L track Clappintheyhands from the Loose Control EP. Stay tuned..

Download Stryfe & Jihazed - Detroit Rap City

söndag 2 november 2008

After party

Check out my long time friend and really dope jazz/soul/hip hop drummer Andreas Baw. He has been playing live with Kissey Asplund, Supersci and now also JazzAttacks. I believe they are about to drop an album anytime soon. He lives in Malmö but this friday he came by and we had a pretty seriuos beer drinking session. This picture is taken in my old apartment, him playing some beer can slide guitar.. Check out his myspace

Kitty Cat Kaboodle vinyl EP

Coming pretty soon(don't have the excact release date yet). Me and the very talanted San Francisco MC Cerebral Vortex have made this EP a while ago and now it's coming out on Melting Pot Music distributed by Groove Attack. The EP will feature guest appearances by Kissey Asplund, Stray and Ezekiel38. More info on the release coming soon..

Erik L - Loose Control EP(Free Download)

This is the free EP I released some time ago. Working on this EP, I didnt think it would get the amount of attention it was given. The "Loose Control EP" has been played on some radio stations all over the world. If you havent already, download it while it's still up! Thanks to the featured artists and also thanks to Noun of Supersci who helped me out with the spaced out artwork :)

Download it here!